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treasure chest 1. Gems to enthrall and inspire
2. Test your writing IQ: a three-question quiz school chair & desk
pencil in sharpener 3. Seven tips for more effective writing
4. A simple, six-part method for choosing term paper topics textbooks in strap with apple on top
crossing guard with stop flag 5. The single biggest essay-writing mistake
6. Active voice versus passive voice Bali mask
Japanese pagoda (temple) 7. Less is more: striving for simplicity of expression
8. When to quote and when to paraphrase man taking notes
ducks-in-a-row 9. Word order in sentences
10. How are punctuation marks like traffic signs? one way sign
toy nutcracker solider 11. When a single comma made the difference between life and death
12. Using lists to improve your business writing stack of three briefcases
stack of spelling blocks 13. Fun with English: discovering palindromes
14. Pet peeves & peccadillos exasperated man
antique typewriter 15. Professional writers’ secrets to becoming a professional writer
16. Free online research & writing resources magnifying glass over encyclopedia
bowl of fresh fruit 17. Food for thought: quotation potpourri
18. “Truth is stranger than fiction” sea urchin
Persian cat 19. Student “Bloopers”
20. Best college application essay we’ve ever read first-prize contest ribbon
old-fashioned key 21. The single greatest secret to good writing
BONUS: The Fascinating World of Fibonacci Numbers starfish

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